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  • MWV identifies and builds proven business models to adapt them to the Italian market. The standardization of processes as well as the technology allow MWV to launch a new startup within 80 days.

    For this purpose MWV relies on a unique core software system combining tested open source and external services in combination with proprietary modules to adapt the solutions to the specific business model.

Why MWV operates in Italy

Italian consumers are proven early adopters: Italians are above average in mobile media consumption and social media usage in Europe.
MWV strongly believes that attractive services can translate this statistics into eCommerce revenue.

  • > 4 hours per day

    Italians online users spend more time on the internet than any of the other top 5 EU countries.

  • 33% purchase apps

    Italian smartphone users are increasingly acceptive towards online and mobile purchases.

  • > 20% buy online

    Over 20% of all Italians have already purchased products and services online.

Italy’s problem is not demand, it’s the offering.

In fact, where Italians meet sound and reliable eCommerce platforms, they purchase online.
Marketplaces like Amazon have seen a 4 figure growth in Q4 / 2014 in Italy.


The MWV Approach

Not every business model is made for MWV, we focus on scalable eCommerce and marketplace models. A thorough analytical process assures that we choose only projects that keep up with high expectations regarding revenue and cultural fit to the Italian market.

  • Analysis

    The first step is a solid analysis of potential business models:
    MWV continuously monitors market behaviour in Italy identifying targetable eCommerce verticals. If a business model passes the MWV benchmarking, it’s proposed external to investors for fundraising.

    Applicated steps:

    • Market
    • Demand
    • Competition
    • Marketing
    • Financials
  • Build

    During the building phase all operational processes are prepared and implemented into our proprietary technology. Based on market research landing pages are prepared and performance marketing campaigns are created. MWV always targets to finish the building phase within 80 days after kick off.

    Applicated steps:

    • Sales Processes
    • Customer Support Processes
    • Front-End Implementation
    • Back-End Implementation
    • Marketing Technology

  • Scale

    Only continuous monitoring of the ventures allows highest efficiency: MWV monitors the operational success of all ventures to assure a low overhead and highest marketing efficiency. The constantly forth going development of our technology guarantees technological leadership at any time.

    Applicated steps:

    • Customer Acquisition Cost
    • FTE efficiency
    • Revenue Growth
    • Costs
    • Technology advancement

Technological Leadership in Italy

The MWV technology stack combines tested open source platforms with established services to provide a state of the art eCommerce platform.

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  • The MWV Technology

    MWV relies on state of the art services and established open source technologies improved and connected via the MWV backbone. The combination of external resources and MWV technology allows the ventures to focus on improving efficiency without sacrificing quality on a streamlined technology.

    The MWV Front-End stack uses HTML 5 and CSS 3 compliant interfaces for web applications on desktops and ready to use building blocks for smartphone applications running natively on the devices.

    The MWV Cloud Platform connects the external services and the Front-End into a holistic but easy to maintain technical solution providing interoperability between the services. Functioning as a backbone, it reduces in house development significantly while sourcing modern technologies out of the external services. The slipstreamed architecture of the MWV Cloud Platform allows a shared management of data making core information like customer information or merchant revenues accessible across all tools providing our ventures with the information they need inside the right tools.

    New features like marketplace support inside shopify can be easily added through versatile building blocks allowing a future proof and easy update service platform. All ventures profit from the shared codebase and future releases can easily be rolled out group wise.

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