Milky Way Ventures launches activities in Italy

Bringing a new kind of eCommerce to Italy

Milky Way Ventures, short MWV, is a new incubator created by successful entrepreneurs and experienced managers in the heart of Milan. With the goal to raise the next generation of Italian eCommerce companies, MWV focuses on tested marketplace business models with high returns and low competition in Italy.

Today we’re opening our doors to entrepreneurs who share our vision of excellence in operations and eCommerces. I’m excited to work with a team that shares these values and I am sure MWV will benefit from our wide background ranging from consulting firms like McKinsey to internet success stories like Groupon and Holtzbrinck Ventures

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The Team

The MWV team consists of experienced consultants and serial entrepreneurs. The team combines different backgrounds covering all aspects necessary to build successful companies.

MWV Team including Roberto Marani, Fabian Thobe, Sa

How MWV works

Milky Way Ventures follows a systematic approach to form a project from startup phase to the exit. The process is designed to mitigate risks, overhead costs and outcome variability while maximizing efficiency and potential outcome. The sequence is divided in 3 steps.

  • Analysis

    The MWV management looks for potential business models suitable for the Italian market on an ongoing base. Once a potential business model is found, a structured analytical process assesses the stability, scalability and market fit for a potential future business. This process is crucial in order to propose to external investors only tested business models with feasible exit opportunities.

  • Build

    Once the business model obtains the first investment, the MWV team starts building the new company. During this stage MWV develops processes, technology and initial performance marketing campaigns. The whole structure is rolled out in less than 80 days with light team and cost structure including registration of the company, brands and IP transfer of the MWV platform.

  • Scale

    The management continuously tracks internal and external KPIs to benchmark the company results with competitors and the milestones defined during the initial analysis. The constant analytical supervision allows MWV to scale ventures fast and efficiently without creating overhead. The technology and the operations of the companies are updated on a ongoing basis to follow the international best practices. 

The technology as key to rapid roll out

MWVs technology platform integrates well known and proven services with proprietary marketplace logic forming a state of the art solution for eCommerce in Italy: instead of starting from scratch, MWV combines existing best in class services through an innovative middleware including marketplace logic, reporting tools and unique conversion optimized front ends.

Our Goal

MWV is looking forward to build the next generation of eCommerces in Italy. Companies like Amazon are proving a vibrant eCommerce future in Italy with 4 digit growth rates in 2014. MWV wants to exploit this trend by partnering with the most talented founders and investing time, expert resources and money to build sustainable and valuable internet companies in Italy based on proven business models.

If you want to get in touch or know more about MWV go on exploring the website or contact us.

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