A new kind of incubation for Italy

With Milky Way Ventures, short MWV, a new type of incubator has launched in Italy.

Founded by partners with solid experience as entrepreneurs as well as in corporate structures, MWV aims to build state of the art eCommerce startups in Italy.

  • Analysis

    Not every business model is made to be incubated by MWV: we choose only proven marketplace models with feasible exit scenarios and low competition in Italy.

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  • Operations

    From day one to the exit MWV heavily relies on slipstreamed processes to run cost efficient businesses focusing resources and capital on growth rather than overhead.

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  • Experienced

    Our Team accumulated years of experience in consulting firms such as McKinsey and companies with notable track record like
    Groupon and Delivery Hero.

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We have the technology!

Building successful and fast scaling companies requires a solid approach. At MWV we combine best practice processes with state of the art eCommerce and analytics technology. In fact, our proprietary technology allows the launch of a web product within 60 days from investment.

  • Assessment

    MWV uses standardised models to assess the potential market and costs of a project. Thorough analysis allows MWV to estimate marketing and CAC budgets.

  • Build

    IT experts build the service based on our unique proprietary platform supported by specialists from the SEO, SEM and Operations department.

  • Scale & Run

    Companies are rolled out within 80 days after investment in well structured organisations with minimum overhead.